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Why Pick Cosmic Spots Ocicats?

  • Featured On Animal Planet

  • Grand Champion Blood Lines

  • CFA Registered Cattery

  • Over 15 Years Of Experience

  • Exceptionally Healthy and Social Kittens

  • Wild Leopard Looks With Tame Temperament


We ship anywhere in the continental United States

For over 15 years we have been a specialty breeder of CFA registered Ocicats. We are located in Media Pennsylvania, only 20 minutes from Philadelphia, and only two hours from both New York City and Washington DC.

Our Ocicats are pets and members of our family.  Kittens are handled from birth and are highly socialized. This makes them great additions to your family. They are friendly, they purr when you pick them up, and roll over for a good belly rub.

Our cats have been featured on several Animal Planet series that were dedicated to Ocicats, including "Cats 101", and Animal Planet Series "Too Cute".  Animal Planet visited us every two weeks for 12 weeks and tracked the growth and development of our litters from birth to adoption.

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We Have Kittens

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Ocicats are completely domestic spotted cats. They have all the looks of a wild cat, but with none of the problems that come with cats from wild blood lines.

Ocicats come in 12 different colors, giving then the full range of wild looks from jungle cat to snow leopard.

Ebony Silver Ocicats are one of our specialties.



Ocicats are high-energy, well-muscled, and athletic. They love to play, and will fetch endlessly.  They have a high prey drive which makes them fantastic mousers, and they love to chase after the feather on a stick toy.


Ocicats make wonderful family pets. They have a dog-like temperament, and are they devoted to their families. They have loving personalities, are good with children, and integrate easily with other family pets, including dogs.


Ocicats are highly intelligent. They learn quickly and have been known to open cabinet doors looking for treats. They can easily be taught to walk on a leash and they can be trained to do tricks with a clicker.  To our amusement, one of our kittens has even learned to slide down the banister!

International Grand Champion
Cosmic Spots
Cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin

at the International FIFE cat show
1/9/16 & 1/10/16

We have had the great pleasure of exchanging cats between the USA and Europe with both catteries Emibell & Amagitsune. We are very excited to announce that our boy Cosmic Spots Cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin took "BEST IN SHOW" in the winter cat show (FIFe, TICA, WCF, ASC). Many thanks to our friends for a job well done!

We are pleased to announce our new International Grand Champion
Cosmic Spots Cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin!

Many thanks to Catteries: Emibell & Amagitsune!

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