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The BIG question that many people ask us: "Are Ocicats hypoallergenic?"

Ocicats are considered by many to be hypoallergenic. Hypoallergenic in this case means that they have less of the protein that causes allergies. They are not totally allergen free.

Ocicats have been shown to have lowers levels of "Fel D1" one of the main proteins that cause allergy. So they can cause less severe reactions than some other breeds of cats. But, there are seven other known cat proteins that can also cause allergies in humans. Since there is no way for us to know which of these protein or proteins you are allergic to, we cannot guarantee that you will not be allergic to one of our cats. That being said may people with allergies have found that they are much less allergic to Ocicats then to other breeds.

We can provide you with a hair sample from our cats so you can see if you are allergic. This does not in any way replace visiting an allergist to make the determination, but many people have found this helpful. Just let us know that you would like a dander sample, and PayPal us $10.00 to CosmicSpots@Comcast.net .

Here are Cosmic Spots tips for allergy suffers:

1. Bathing cats weekly reduces indoor cat allergens by 45% (good luck with trying this : )

2. Moisten the cats fur weekly with Allerpet or any of the other allergen reducing products that are on the market.

3. Use a washable throw or blanket in the area where the cat sleeps. Wash the blanket weekly in hot water and detergent to reduce environmental allergens.
4. Vacuum frequently with a HEPA filter vacuum.

5. Wet mop hard floors

6. Get someone else to scoop the poop! (not a bad deal if you can get it) Some of the highest levels of allergens are found in the box. Scoop frequently.

7. Keep litter box in basement or garage, basically someplace where you spend little time, but it should be able to be vented frequently.

8. Choose a litter that is easy on allergy suffers. We recommend any of the crystal litters or "Yesterday's News" a compacted paper pellet. Yesterday's News is a little different than regular litter so if you decide to try it let me know so I can give you some pointers.

9. Cats should not be in the bedroom. This is the room that you hopefully spend 8 hours a day in, and you need to keep it allergen free.

10. See your allergist, and sign up to get allergy shots. They will desensitize you to cat allergens, though it takes time it is very effective. I read recently that in the next 2 years they will be doing the desensitization by placing the allergy drops under your tongue. I will be first in line : )

11. Get a HEPA filter. Heck, get a few of them. We have one for every bedroom and one for the cat room. They filter fine particles, cat dander included, out of the air.

12. Studies have shown that cats that are spay and neutered have less Fel D1. So just another reason to make sure you do the right thing and spay and neuter your cat. (It is also part of our agreement in placing a kitten with you)

13. Some studies have documented that silver (white coat) cats have higher levels of Fel D1. It is suspected that the silver gene may be carried on the same chromosome as Fel D1.

So we recommend that allergy sufferers  do not select any of the following colors: Ebony Silver, Chocolate Silver, Cinnamon Silver, Blue Silver, Lavender Silver, Faun Silver, or Smoke (has a white undercoat). Instead, they should select one of the following colors: Tawny, Blue, Chocolate, Lavender, Cinnamon, or Fawn

Hope you found this helpful!



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