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Frequently Asked Adoption Questions

Vaccinations: Ocicat kittens receive their first sets of vaccinations. Additional booster shots from your veterinarian may be needed. Depending on your state of residence, a rabies shot may be required. In Pennsylvania a rabies shot can only be given by a veterinarian.

Spay & Neuter Agreement: As part of the adoption contract, new Ocicat owners agree to have their kittens spayed or neutered at or before six months of age. Breeding rights are not included in the purchase of a kitten. 

Health Guarantee: All kittens are covered by a health guarantee, which provides assurance to buyers regarding the health of their new Ocicat. A sample contract is available for reference by clicking here.

Declawing: Those adopting agree not to declaw their Ocicat kittens. This practice is considered inhumane, as it involves amputating the first digit of the cat's fingers. Instead, we recommend the alternative option of products like "soft claws," they are soft rubber nail caps, that can easily manage scratching behavior.

Deposit & Final Payment: Deposits are accepted to reserve an Ocicat kitten. Payment methods include Zelle (, money orders, bank-certified checks, or cash. Final payments are typically due in cash at the time of kitten pickup.

Kitten Selection: Families with deposits select their kittens in the order deposits are received. Photos of available kittens are typically provided around three weeks after they are born. Selections can be made from the kittens available in a litter or deferred to the next available litter. Virtual visits via Facetime are available upon request for those with iPhones or iPads.

When do kittens go home?: Kittens are ready to go to their new homes at around 12 weeks of age. This extended time with their littermates and mother allows for socialization and natural weaning, contributing to a stronger immune system.

Prospective Ocicat owners are encouraged to visit our Facebook page and Facebook group, where they can connect with other families who have adopted kittens from our cattery. This platform provides an interactive and informative space for sharing experiences and information about Ocicats.

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