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All About Us

For almost 12 years we have been a breeder of  Ocicats. After acquiring our first pair of Ocicats, we totally fell in love with the breed. Their intelligence, wild looks, and their athletic abilities were amazing, but what hooked us even more was that they make amazing companions. Unlike no other cats, they are intently interested in their family members, following you from room to room, watching and wanting to be part of what you are doing.

Our Ocicats are pets and members of our family. Currently we have only 5 adult cats. Keeping only a small number of cats means that we can provide them with excellent care. Our cats receive the highest quality foods, litters, and living conditions. All of our cats are properly vaccinated, and receive the highest quality veterinary care available. We don't skimp on the care for our cats.

When it comes to breeding, we only breed our girls once or twice a year. Producing only a limited number of kittens a year means that kittens receive a lot of attention. They are
handled from birth and are highly socialized.  We breed to produce cats and kittens for us to show and enjoy, as well as to share with other breeders. Once we have selected our kittens from litters we happily share the rest with you.

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