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How To Order A Dander Sample

We can provide you with a dander sample from our cats to help you assess if you might be allergic. It's important to note that this sample does not replace the need for a visit to an allergist for a definitive allergy diagnosis. However, many individuals have found this sample helpful in gauging their potential reaction to our cats.

  • Payment: Use PayPal to send $10.00 to CosmicSpots@Comcast.net. To avoid having to pay PayPal's 3.2% fee, please select the option for sending money to friends or family.

  • Include your physical address: In the note section when making your payment, please include your name and address.

  • Delivery: Once we receive your payment and address, we will send it right out to you. We ship all samples by US first class mail. 

  • Testing: You can experiment with the dander sample in a few ways: Rub the sample on the inside of your forearm and observe for any allergic reactions. Also, you can rub the sample between your hands, dust it off, and then touch your face, simulating petting a cat and then touching your face. 


Email us for today's list of kittens at CosmicSpotsKittenList@Comcast.net
To ask a question email us: CosmicSpots@Comcast.net

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