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How To Order A Dander Sample

We can provide you with a hair sample from our cats so you can see if you are allergic. This does not in any way replace visiting an allergist to make the determination if you are allergic, but many people have found this helpful.

You can try to do a couple of different things with your dander sample. You can rub it on the inside of your forearm, and see if you react. You can also rub it together between your hands, and then rub your hands on your face. This is a good replication of petting the cat then touching your face.

To order a Dander Sample, PayPal us $10.00 to CosmicSpots@Comcast.net . Make sure you select sending money to friends or family to avoid paying PayPal's 3.2% fee! In the comment section please include your name and address and we will ship it right out to you.

All the cats enjoy a good brushing : )

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