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Breed Promoting Activities

Some of our breed promoting activities have included working with Animal Planet during the production of their shows  “Cats 101” and “Too Cute”.  These episodes were filmed using our cats in our home. Our episode of “Too Cute” featuring the Ocicats is called “Jungle Kitties & Baby Skunks”.  They have re-airing these specials again and again.
Click here to go to Facebook and see our cats on Animal Planet's "Too Cute"

Click here to go to Facebook and see our cats on Animal Planet's "Cats 101"

This year
Марина Текучева & Irina Koroleva from Amagitsune*RU & Emibell*RU catteries in Russia have beem showing our Ocicat "CH Cosmic Spots Cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin" in Russia in the FiFe association (Federation International Feline), similar to the CFA in the US .

International Grand Champion Cosmic Spots  Cosmonaut Yury Gagarin

Марина Текучева & Yuri at a show

Yuri on his way to Russia : )
 Our courier Vladimir, Anthony, & Yuri.

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