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Cosmic Spots Ocicats Spay & Neuter Information

There are different opinions regarding the proper time to spay and neuter.

Humane societies strongly advocate for spay and neutering to occur as early as 8 weeks (known as an early spay) since the main principle of their organizations is to stem the tide of unwanted pets.  However,  many regular veterinary practices will not perform a spay or neuter so early because they feel that performing surgery on pediatric cats/kittens may put them at an increased risk during surgery and anesthesia. 

According to the Cat Fanciers Association “most of the experts acknowledge that there has not been enough scientific information available about the most appropriate age to neuter a pet. In current practice, the recommended time frame to spay and neuter is usually left quite broad but most will agree that it should be performed sometime before the first heat.  In the case of cats, this means that you should spay and neuter before 6 months of age.

When purchasing a kitten from us, you enter into a legal contract stating that you will spay and neuter before 6 months of age.  Not only does spaying and neutering prevent unwanted pregnancies in cats, but it also prevents cats from spraying/marking their territory.  A little know fact about cats is that both male and female cats will spray when they are not altered, making an unaltered cat unsuitable to live in your home.

When making the decision on when to spay and neuter, you should always consult with your veterinarian for their recommendation.


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