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About Ocicats

Ocicats are domestic spotted cats with no wild blood.

The breed was created in 1964 by Virginia Daily, using Abyssinians, Siamese, and later American Shorthair cats.  Soon after its introduction, the Ocicat was officially recognized by the CFA in 1966.

Ocicats have a short, tight coat that requires no special grooming, and it comes in a variety of colors:

  • tawny ( black spots on a tan undercoat )
  • ebony silver ( black spots on a silver undercoat )
  • chocolate ( brown spots on a pale brown undercoat )
  • chocolate silver ( brown spots on a silver undercoat )
  • blue ( blue spots on a pale gray undercoat )
  • blue silver ( blue spots on a silver undercoat )
  • cinnamon ( cinnamon spots on a lighter cinnamon undercoat )
  • cinnamon silver ( cinnamon spots on a silver undercoat )
  • lavender ( lavender spots on an oatmeal undercoat )
  • lavender silver ( lavender spots on a silver undercoat )
  • fawn ( fawn spots on an oatmeal undercoat )
  • fawn silver ( fawn spots on silver undercoat )

Ocicats are high-energy, well-muscled, and athletic. They love to play and will fetch endlessly.  They have a high prey drive which makes them fantastic mousers and they love to chase after the feather on a stick toy.

Ocicats are highly intelligent. They learn quickly and have been known to open cabinet doors looking for treats. They can easily be taught to walk on a leash and they can be trained to do tricks with a clicker.  To our amusement, one of our kittens has even learned to slide down the banister!

Ocicats make wonderful family pets. They have a dog-like temperament, and are they devoted to their families. They have loving personalities, are good with children, and integrate easily with other family pets, including dogs.



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